Welcome to Arctic Gymnastics

Arctic Gymnastics opened its doors in 1988. Previous owners Carolyn Crouch, Karin Carter and Sheila Vonesh — along with current owners Dan and Nichole Alch — believe in the ongoing development and success of ever level of athlete. The diverse array of programs offered under one roof makes Arctic Gymnastics a powerful tool for our members. From recreational gymanstics classes to Level 10 competitive gymnastics, our gymnastics students can choose from many different programs. Students with different interests can also choose from a range of different programs including cheer and jujitsu. This is part of what makes Arctic Gymnastics a strong competitor on the national level.

Arctic Gymnastics athletes have competed and won at the state, regional and national levels. We are proud to continue to prepare successful NCAA competitors who attend nationally ranked universities across the country.

Mission Statement

“We celebrate success on every level.”

This motto has been used since Arctic Gymnastics opened its doors in 1988. What it meant then, and what it still means today, is that we must recognize all new advancements. The first cartwheel is as great an accomplishment to a beginner as a double back flip is to an advanced gymnast. Growth is the process of small successes, and we want our athletes to be proud of every single one. Just as we are proud of them.